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marijuana pipeTexas courts take marijuana possession charges seriously, and so should you. Multiple convictions of marijuana possession can possibly lead to felony charges. Therefore, you want to fight every charge you face, not just today, but to protect your rights in the future as well. Since possession charges can easily lead to growing and cultivation charges, you want an attorney who will lower all potential damages.

At the Denton County offices of the Law Offices of Tim Powers, we will protect your rights and defend you against possession of marijuana charges or your possession arrest.

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The severity of the charges you face depends on the quantity of marijuana. If you are caught with less than two ounces, you will face minor misdemeanor charges, but the consequences go up steeply from there. Possession of more than two but less than four ounces is a Class A Misdemeanor, and possession if four ounces or more is considered a felony.

No one wants a drug charge on their permanent record, so our first step is to have the charges completely dismissed. If dismissal or an acquittal at trial is not possible, we will seek to reduce the charges or minimize the penalties where possible. For first-time offenders, we will explore diversionary programs as well. By seeking proper drug treatment, you may be able to avoid jail time. We will help you explore all possible alternative sentencing techniques.

Juvenile Marijuana Possession

Marijuana has a distinctive smell, and so it is dangerous for minors to smoke it anywhere: in a car, at home, or in a dorm room. Authorities can smell it and one infraction can lead to serious consequences, including the loss of student loans. We handle juvenile charges in Denton County involving marijuana possession as well as criminal cases.

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